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Pre-Professional Programs

Our pre-professional programs help students prepare to apply to a wide range of health professional schools. Students complete a major(s) that align with the academic expectations outlined in the course requirements for the respective pre-professional track. For example, students in the pre-engineering program major in physics. Students should contact the advisor(s) in the respective pre-professional program their interested in pursuing.

feedback Pre-programs are non-majors and pursuing a pre-professional program alone will not lead to a UNC degree.

Pre-Professional Tracks
Undergraduate Major
Undergraduate and Certificates
Graduate Masters
Graduate PhD
Graduate and Certificate

Where can a pre-professional
career take you?

Illustration of a gear replacing a person's brain

Industrial research and development

Illustration of two individuals having a conversation

Educational consulting

Illustration of a heart cradled in two hands

Leadership and advanced patient care roles in nursing

Illustration of a building emitting smoke

Environmental regulation and research

Illustration of a university building

Health professional school

Illustration of a microscope

Clinical research

plus many more

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